Character and Temperament of Russian Bear Dogs

The bear puppy is a protector dog breed having a protective and serious character. The Russian Bear Dog is a dog. This puppy will protect although he thinks is his loved ones but will strike everybody else.

This isn’t a breed for owners.
Caucasians have been used to protect cattle from thieves and predators.

These dogs attract the attention of everybody working a stunning look and qualities. The dearth of kennel clubs and criteria that are composed partially explains the Caucasian Ovtcharka diverse to country and even from locale to locale.

For centuries, flocks of sheep have been around in the land mass between the Caspian and Black seas Caucasia and Turkey and Iran. Dogs much like this guardian have shielded those sheep from animal predators and people .

Activity Prerequisites

The Caucasian Shepherd has unbelievable stamina and when used as a puppy will patrol its land with no break for hours. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs require plenty of action to help ward off disorders like diabetes. Jump and these dogs like to run and can turn out to be rather lively, so make sure you engage them in plenty of physical action and exercises to raise their life span and their wellbeing.

The Caucasian Shepherd purpose was to safeguard livestock. The Caucasian Ovcharka is strong-willed assertive and brave. This dog has a different character, and that means you have to train him with stability, patience, and consistency. This isn’t a dog for everybody. It requires an owner who knows who’s ready to devote plenty of time interacting and training and how to exhibit leadership.

This dog shouldn’t be left alone with kids, since if play gets tough, the Caucasian Ovtcharka my sense the need to guard your child and can do it.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are an investment, but should you opt to receive one, ensure they are busy, and make sure to get them socialized as a young puppy. Allow your puppy so they don’t get bored if your home is on a farm or ranch. The Caucasian Shepherd shouldn’t be trusted with children or any animals, since they’re incredibly powerful and do not know their own advantage.


Caucasian shepherd puppies are boned, muscular, and molossers. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a giant breed standing 23 to 30 inches tall and weighing 99 to 170 lbs. These puppies could be recognized by their rugged powerful and muscle molosser form body, coated in their thick coat which aids them withstand the weather conditions in the hills. They vary from gray, tan, pale brown, cream and black.

Character and Temperament Character

The bear Dog is a smart dog, but they might be strong-willed, which is their training and socialization must start as soon as possible to comprehend. The Caucasian Shepherd’s training Starting all its own socialization, from a really early age, is essential to its success. They work orders or won’t always follow orders, and patience is necessary.

In other areas of the former Soviet Union and Russia, it is revealed in dog shows. Back in Poland, Hungary and the Czech and Slovak Republics breeding programs are currently assuring that it remains a puppy that is favorite, despite the fact that its use as a sheep protector is falling.

The Caucasian Ovtcharka Came in East Germany from the 1960s to function particularly. A number of these dogs have been given houses. Breeding in Germany protects the future of the and careful dog. It’s very likely that because its prevalence increases, breeders will breed out some of the styles that are protective.

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